White Wall Cinema presents



DIRECTOR: Andrei Konchalovsky

STARRING: Jon Voight, Eric Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay, John P. Ryan, Danny Trejo & Tommy "Tiny" Lister.

One of the most under-rated movies of the 1980s, Runaway Train is the 
product of director Andrei Konchalovsky, who may well be the only man to 
have worked with both Andrei Tarkovsky (he cowrote Andrei Rublev) and 
Sylvester Stallone (he would go on to direct Tango & Cash). Based on a script by legendary Japanese director Akira Kurowsawa (Seven Samurai) it features Oscar nominated turns from Jon Voight as convict "Manny" Manheim (a man so dangrous the authorities have welded him into his prison cell) and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) as fellow convict Buck McGeehy. When the two breakout of Stonehaven Prison in the dead of winter they unwittingly find themselves aboard a speeding freight train with no driver and NO BRAKES! 


A wonderfully OTT high octane action movie, it’s also ‘a batshit faux-Shakespearean meditation on man’s animal instincts ... A classic case of 
as-advertised satisfactions ... it’s impossible not to be swept along in the 
slipstream’ (Time Out). If you love strangely brilliant cult classic cinema and want to see Angelina’s Jolie’s dad and Julia Roberts brother hurtling along icy tracks with Rebecca DeMornay (Risky Business) in a unstoppable 
adventure that puts Keanu and Bullock’s Speed to shame, look no further! 


DOORS: 7.30pm*

START TIME: 8.10pm*

RUN TIME: 110 mins

CERT: 15

LOCATION: Wagner Hall (Regency Road, Brighton)


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