White Wall Cinema's Socially Distanced Autumn Screen presents



DIRECTOR: The Wachowskis

STARRING: Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, & Joe Pantoliano.


Ever since transgender sisters The Wachowski's confirmed that their Matrix trilogy was a trans allegory the Keanu Reeves billion dollar box office sensation has been looked at in a new light by many. As such the spectacular debut film of The Wachowski's 'Bound' (the film that made it possible for The Matrix to exist) is now ripe for reappraisal. A superlative thriller about a woman desperate to escape her mobster boyfriend's clutches, she enters into a torrid lesbian affair with the handy woman working next door, and they subsequently hatch a plot to escape with some mafia money. An unashamedly queer film, the film been has praised for it's accurate depictions of lesbian relationships but it's the exceptionally taught script with it's exhilarating twists and turns that left cinema goers breathless and has allowed Bound to live long in the memory of those that saw it upon it's original release. One of the ultimate thrillers and sleeper hits of the decade, it's a can't miss on the big screen. This film is part of the Thriller Thursdays season!

DOORS: 7pm*

START TIME: 7.30pm*

RUN TIME: 108 mins

CERT: 18

LOCATION: Wagner Hall (Regency Road, Brighton)



*Please note - doors open at 7pm in advance of screening times in order to give patrons extra time to enjoy safely purchase food & drink, enjoy our outside space / beer garden, take a look at our archive movie store and to allow gradual entry to your seats in a safe and easy way. Please try to allow extra time to get seated prior to the performance start time of 7.30pm. For more information about screenings and the venue please visit our Venue & Screenings Info page.


Please do not attend the screening if you are unwell or have symptoms of Covid-19. If you have bought tickets and can no longer attend as a result of Coronavirus we will happily swap your tickets for a future event of your choice, once you have finished self isolating. For more on this and our Covid-19 safety measures please visit our Covid-19 Info page.

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