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White Wall Cinema presents




DIRECTOR: Ulu Grosbard

STARRING: Dustin Hoffman, Harry Dean Stanton,
Gary Busey, Theresa Russell, M. Emmet Walsh
Kathy Bates.

Based on the debut novel ‘No Beast So Fierce’ by criminal turned writer/actor Edward Bunker (also writer of Runaway Train and Animal Factory and star of Reservoir Dogs) it tells the story of career criminal Max Dembo (Dustin Hoffman). Released after a six year stretch, Max wants to ‘go straight’ but finds the conditions and his slimy parole officer unbearable. Aided and sometimes abetted by old friends and new flame Jenny, Hoffman, (in the middle of an all time great run that included All The President’s Men, Marathon Man and Kramer Vs Kramer), creates a riveting, fiercely intelligent portrait of a man struggling to find a way out. The spectacular supporting cast includes Harry Dean Stanton, Kathy Bates and Gary Busey.


This film will be followed by an optional post film discussion group! Join us for a screening of this brilliant film with an optional chance to stay on and discuss the film in a relaxed informal post film group chat. Contribute or just listen in, it's a fun and interesting way to better understand the nuance of a great piece of cinema. 


DOORS: 6.50pm*

START TIME: 7.20pm*

RUN TIME: 114 mins

CERT: 18

LOCATION: Wagner Hall (Regency Road, Brighton)


*Please note - doors open at 6.50 in advance of screening time in order to give patrons time to purchase food & drink, take a look at our archive movie store and to allow gradual entry to your seats in a safe and easy way. Please try to allow extra time to get seated prior to the performance start time of 7.20pm. There will usually be no admittance from 20 minutes after the films stated start time. For more information about screenings and the venue please visit our Venue & Screenings Info page.

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