White Wall Cinema's Socially Distanced Winter Screen presents




DIRECTOR: Walter Hill

STARRING: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler, David Patrick Kelly.

(Please note: this is a rescheduling from a previous date, original tickets remain valid).


If there ever was a definitive cult classic, The Warriors is it. A reworking of ancient greek mythology transplanted to the turf war scene of late 70s New York, The Warriors is a highly stylised urban odyssey of a street gang (back when feathered hair and brown leather vest could still impart menace) who after being falsely accused of killing a rival gang leader must battle their way back from The Bronx to their own territory of Coney Island. What follows is a visually iconic representation of New York and a whole host of cool comic book-esque gangs such The Baseball Furies (who dress in facepaint and baseball uniforms complete with baseball bats), The Lizzies (an all female gang from Union Square), The Boppers (a Harlem gang who sport fedoras and purple satin waistcoats) and more. It's initially controversial reputation has given way to retro kitsch affection with comic books and video games being produced in more recent years solidifying The Warriors as one of the truly great and most fun cult films of all time. 

DOORS: 8pm*

START TIME: 8.30pm*

RUN TIME: 92 mins

CERT: 15

LOCATION: Wagner Hall (Regency Road, Brighton)



*Please note - doors open at 8pm in advance of screening times in order to give patrons extra time to enjoy safely purchase food & drink, enjoy our outside space / beer garden, take a look at our archive movie store and to allow gradual entry to your seats in a safe and easy way. Please try to allow extra time to get seated prior to the performance start time of 8.30pm For more information about screenings and the venue please visit our Venue & Screenings Info page.


Please do not attend the screening if you are unwell or have symptoms of Covid-19. If you have bought tickets and can no longer attend as a result of Coronavirus we will happily swap your tickets for a future event of your choice, once you have finished self isolating. For more on this and our Covid-19 safety measures please visit our Covid-19 Info page.

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