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DIRECTOR: Leon Gast 

STARRING:  Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, James Brown, Jim Brown, B.B. King, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Spike Lee and Thomas Hauser.

**PLEASE NOTE** This screening is in central Hove on Church Road at the PLATF9RM venue. All Tickets include a Welcome Drink + Popcorn. Plus you can also pre-order a Pizza Face pizza to enjoy with the movie. (Pizzas are pre-order only). To order a Pizza go HERE.

One of the finest documentaries ever made When We Were Kings is a beautifully presented, thought provoking, entertaining and affecting portrait of one of the great cultural icons of any era in the ever charismatic Muhammad Ali, and the events surrounding his 1974 trip to Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) to face formidable undefeated world champion George Foreman.  The Rumble In The Jungle, as it was known, and it's companion concert featuring James Brown, B.B. King and more, was one of the key black cultural events of the 70s, and this documentary assembled from a treasure trove of magical footage captures Ali at his most lyrically poetic, politically rebellious, and physically / spiritually valiant. A number of talking heads including noted writers George Plimpton and Norman Mailer and director Spike Lee burnish the incredible footage with narration that bring home just how significant this event was, creating a film with meaning that transcends well beyond just a document of one of the great sporting events of all time, but acts more as a chronicle of a moment in time so poignant and powerful it has indelibly imprinted itself upon the world's psyche.


DOORS: 7.oopm*

START TIME: 7.30pm*

RUN TIME: 89 mins

CERT: PG under 15s must be accompanied by and adult.

LOCATION: The GroundsPLATF9RM (Church Road, Hove)



*Please note - doors open at 7.00pm in advance of screening times in order to give patrons extra time to access your seats in a safe and easy way. Please try to allow extra time to get seated prior to the performance start time of 7.30pm. For more information about screenings and the venue please visit our Venue & Screenings Info page.


Please do not attend the screening if you are unwell or have symptoms of Covid-19. If you have bought tickets and can no longer attend as a result of Coronavirus we will happily swap your tickets for a future event of your choice, once you have finished self isolating. For more on this and our Covid-19 safety measures please visit our Covid-19 Info page.

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